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Few things to talk about
Sunday, 26 February 2012 @ 9:59 pm
My little brother is heree!
Tomorrow he'll be sitting for the test in Lodge International to determine which class he's going to.
So I had to teach him english and maths . OH TIRING AAHHHHH .
and he'll be living here with me and charlie. nguooooo .
I dont know how my life will be. lol .

anyways, since my lil bro is here, mum is also here, YAYY .
less house chores to do, more food!!, more free time!

Went for Prefect telematch yesterday :D
it was fun and challenging!
Other than Lodge International Prefects, there were also prefects from St. Joseph, St. Thomas, SMK Green Road and SMK Arang Road.
we were assigned to different teams, and I got to be in blue team with Sunny, Kuo Sheng, Florence Sia, the head girl of SMK Arang Road, and 3 other prefects I couldnt recall.. *sheepish laugh
Anyways, I have a perfect reason,
this was because I was asked to move to the green team since 2 of their members were absent.
So, I joined the green team and met Florence Nam, Hee Sung, Shawn Tan, Manson, Xuan Jie and Eric.
Manson was from St.Thomas while Xuan Jie and Eric were from St.Thomas and SMK Green Road respectively.

I guess I'll update more on the telematch tomorrow, running out of time now!
Need to finish Bio work and BM :(
so.. till tomorrow then? :)