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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 @ 9:01 pm
long time no update~~
Mum's here, so yeaaaaah.

about prefect telematch..
do you still wanna know about it?
I guess I'll just list down a few of the games then. feeling so lazy!

1. Zachariah's station
an upgraded version of three-legged race. the game is played by all 7 members of the group, and they all have to go through a maze, and every turn required different person to go through first.
Like, first turn requires the 1st player to go through first, the second turn requires the 8th player, or maybe the 4th and 5th players. it's kinda hard, but challenging, and I knocked my leg at one of the benches. -.-
clumsy me. MEH .

2. Hong Kiat's station
inside room 402. the tables were arranged randomly, making it hard to walk. all the 8 players are blindfolded, and the selected leader needs to find every one of the players. time matters. the shorter the time required, the more the rewards. the rewards areeeeee...water balloons! the group which collected the most water balloons will be the winner. lol

3. Charlie's station
Pieces of random shapes are randomly placed all over the school and we're supposed to find the pieces which are of our group's colour. so in my case, my group needed to find 10 pieces of randomly shaped green papers. and we only managed to collect 8 pieces. AND. we were given 35 minutes to find them, and guess what.
my group was late by A MINUTE. so we werent supposed to get any balloons at all :( but my bro was kind enough to give my group one ;)

4. Sung Joon's station
I think every group gets different task..
for my group, we were required to draw mustache on each other's faces. LOL.
and... the 7 of us were to squeeze together and take a picture, the picture needs to show all of our faces, and we were only given 5 chances.
we finally succeeded on the 4th snap :D such vanity skills!

5. Randy's station
one person was selected to be the catcher of water balloons. the rest needed to go through obstacles in the school playground and throw water balloons into the catcher's pile. at the end, the number of water ballons collected is counted and we get the silver water balloon(the reward) for every 3 balloons collected in the pile. OH,. this was the wet station, when you throw the water balloons, Randy will stand by your side, holding water hose, showering you with water and laughter. PFFT.
The water felt good though.

there were more stations, but yeah, lazy to mention all of them.
do ask me for more detailed information! :)

I shall answer if im not lazy. muakkakak