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Today was really eventful :)
Sunday, 19 February 2012 @ 7:50 pm
woke up at 3 am to make the sandwiches which were to be sold during sport's day .
then went to SMK Tabuan Jaya, whai is the school so big? :O
was so so so so so tired .but it was fun too :)

during the sale,
there was this competition between the Indonesian Club and the Prefectorial Board, which was then joined by other clubs.
Nicholas Wong was shouting ''ice cream'',promoting their product along with Ian and Kuo Sheng.
Aaron, Devi and the other Indonesian Club members(which include me :P) then shouted, ''Sandwiches!" which was immediately replied by the prefects, "Ice cream!"
The competition continued, some laughed, some covered their ears, some other clubs actually joined and promote their stuffs too!
I have to admit, it was really fun, although we ended up feeling thirstly and drank our supposed-to-be-sold can drinks :P
(sorry prefects ;) For today, I am the president of Indonesian Club, so I had to promote my club's products instead of yours. I wasnt betraying or whatever okay XD I've said it since the very beginning that I'll be helping Indonesian Club out :D )

anywayyyy .
guess which house won!


Purple House won,hellyeaaaaaaawww 

I knew it! I had faith in purple house! (although they only won by one point, they're still awesomeee)

For a moment I thought we were losing, as some athletes were disqualified :(
oh well.
they're awesome, what to do? mere disqualifications wont stop them!

tomorro Im gonna be a pigggggg .
gonna go out and enjoy myself. being as lazy as possible, avoid doing house chores (and also schoolwork) and shop! eat! wheeeeee~

OH. pics I took just now.
didnt take many, as I was quite busy selling as a part of Indonesian Club.
and when there werent many customers, the idea to camwhore didnt surface. I wonder why .

my face looks so shiny! put a thick layer of sunblock as i expected that the weather would be steaming hot. but it actually rained -.-


I have no idea why it's so bright! I didnt edit it, I didnt change the setting in my phone .__.

aaron and his gangstah face :P HAHHAH