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I like bears. (random thought)
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 @ 6:13 pm
I've been wanting a two-faced pencil case for ages. You know, the kind that looks cute front and back.
Due to boredom, (and also because I randomly stumbled upon sewing kit and felt clothes) I decided to try making one.

It turned out pretty cute, I must say.
but *ehem, due to my terrible sewing skills, the sewing is so messy!!!

the front side

the other side! ( Im loving the bear facial features! )


the side view. I had this sudden urge to sew colourful buttons!

OH. and I finished my add maths homework~~~ WHEE.
now I need to move on to physics. urkkkkkkkk .

Well, there's always tomorrow, no? This just gives me another reason to procrastinate. HAHHAH