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The dreaded exams
Friday, 27 April 2012 @ 10:27 pm
The exams are coming oh no!
the exams timetable was just given out today.
for yr 10,
the exams on the first day would be physics...followed by econs!
Physics is hard enough! why not pair it with BM or english instead? :(
and Maths paper would be 2.5 hrs :O
Im afraid I wont be able to concentrate for that long..
and and and .
Additional Maths will be the very last exam we'll be taking.
the very last exam on the very last day!

Oh cmon..
I bet all the teachers know that students tend to score higher marks and make less mistakes on the first few days of examinations right? then why is additional mathematics the last subject, uh? why? It's not an easy subject! It needs concentration. It shouldn't be put on the last day! We all know students think "oh yay. few more exams to go and...freedom, here I come!" (or sorta like that) towards the end of examination period.

Im starting to really dislike the school system.

oh. this is very cute :D