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What I've been doing these days
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 @ 10:14 pm
As you all know, exams are coming .
It it just around the corner!

guess what i've been doing these days?


I havent started :D *proud

I've been so very extremely absolutely addicted to playing the sims 3!
I know it's a rather old game, but still! so fun and addictive <3
(TheSims3 can be my new coffee. HAHAH)
there are already 4 sims in the household, so it's pretty challenging too.
ohmai. even today, I spent like 4 hours playing it. pfft.
havent even ironed my uniform for tomorrow. ngaw!
so I gtg. see you all ;)

and sims is cool, yes?
anyone else addicted to playing it?