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ESL class.
Thursday, 8 September 2011 @ 9:58 pm
After writing the previous post, I felt even emptier. So I decided to write again, about something else.

guess peopleee ...


related to ESL class.....




LOL .hahahah yesterday Ms.Kung gave us a dictation test. She said she would be very strict ,and she'll minus 1 mark for every mistake we make.
Then today she gave back our papers to us, and we were confused because the way she marks our papers was confusing. It's like.. Novie, she made 11 mistakes and she got 9 out of 20. Molly, she made 8 mistakes but she got 14 out of 20. And me, I made 3 mistake and I got 19 out of 20 ._____.

Then I asked her why.

Her reply was "It's because I am too kind, Nia."
Then the boys in the class started shouting at her, telling her she should be fair, if she wanted to be kind, then at least be kind to everyone. Some of the boys even pointed middle fingers and badmouthed her in Chinese. It was quite chaotic. Then Ms.Kung couldnt take it anymore.

She took her bag and announced to the class "I cant handle this anymore".

And just like that, she stormed outside and left us alone, and it was like only 30 minutes after the class started, so we had free time for like an hour.

Trying to be good prefects, me and Tommy, and also Chris(he's class monitor bah) went to the staff room to find her. There she was,sitting quietly. I called her and asked her whether she wanted to go back to class. She said she couldnt control the class and she didnt want to go back there. She looked like she was about to cry, I then asked whether I should request for a replacement teacher, and she said no. I was like why? o.O

Oh well, so we left her alone and had free time for an hour.

The only thing I fear is that if she complained to Mdm Armstong and the whole class get in trouble.
what to do? what to say? Ms.Kung was wrong, she was unfair ._. The boys are also wrong ._.

oh well, lets just see what's gonna happen tomorrow :3