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Tuesday, 6 September 2011 @ 10:26 pm
hereee. ta-daah~ pictures taken during holidays. lol

First pic : my not-so-awesome footprints? LOL

first day of holiday, so sleepy :o

yeah, vanity ;)

Im sooo in love with my nails <3 <3 crack edition ;)

know about troll physics? SIMILAR FACE AS BONCAFE'S LOGO XD

jacuzzi.. i know i look ugly.

heart-bubbles? <3

i just love the lighting ;D

again.. vain :)

i love this rabbit... and last week it died T____T

vain pic of me.. again.. hahahha, oh wel i was bored~

YEAH. best part of holiday: bitch. woops. BEACH <3

so relaxing <3

candid photograph? lol

my lil bro :3

i love this pic. hahahah credits to my lil bro ;)

coconut orange :DD *drool

can you see it? MEDUSA .lol

BEE (?)

crabhole or whatever it is called .


see my hair? another medusa XD

okay that's all~ 
i actually upload more pics in my facebook, so check them out :)