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Chemistry between Giant Panda and Monkey? O.O
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 @ 9:44 pm
Nah, no such thing.
It's just that..
well, I though the title is kinda cute?(in a stupid way) and catchy :p wait. NAH, it's more like... LAME. whatever duh :p

Earlier today, I went out with Novie, Sean and Wendi. at first the atmosphere was awkward :/ Not surprising, because I've never met Wendi before and Novie has never met Sean before. pfft. but towards the end, we .. err, ended up fooling around the mall and tried to catch each other? wait, that sounded so childish. Truth is, Novie and I decided to treat those guys some coffee, but they insisted to pay, so we ended up chasing them to give their money back. At the end, they still insisted to pay, but we only get half of the price lar.

Sadly, they went home early :( oh wells. gotta hang out more with them :)

Then Novie and I went to hunt some soft toys >:D
She brought a giant panda doll home when I brought a monkey one :D and she was like all "EH SEE. We got ourselves some dolls that looks like us!" and I went like "what? so Im a monkey? T_____T" NO FAIR. NO FAIRRR. panda is way cuter eh. pfft.

I was in no mood to camwhore, which was soooooo strange o__o I have no idea why, so I ended up taking a pic of the dolls. well, if you miss me *cough*, you can just replace the monkey with my face, and the panda with Novie's, so yeah ;) here. Have a look~