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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 @ 9:45 pm
Spent literally the whole day in the cookery room, and my feet are hurting like hell!
I can barely walk straight T_____T
This is because of our stubbornness. HAH.
okay I shall explain more.

The girls are supposed to bake cake and some cookies for the old folks in the Home of Peace which we will visit on the 16th. At first, we baked 2 trays of cookies. The smell was oh so good,believe me. But when we tasted them........ the taste wasn't as great. Well, at the very least, they were edible, and I dont think old folks like sweet stuffs, but, being perfectionists we are, we decided to try to get the flavour out.
Until we finally get it right before lunch time. We then ate the failure, which really filled my stomach. hah. so piggy.
anyways, we resumed baking after lunch, then we proceeded to bake the sponge cake. You know, just practicing, in case something's lacking. It turned out pretty tasty, though.

We finished everything at around 3. Then we cleaned up. HAH. SO TIRED. my feet hurt!! :'(

oh well, it all worth it, I guess ;) you know whai?
I managed to talk to G :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WHEEEEE. Thanks, cookies. Thanks, baking practices. Thanks, the teachers who suggested the idea. Thanks, everyone who takes part :D
Okay, I overreact, uh? But it was really awesome, can talk to G without being awkward. can even stare at him all day XD wait, almost all day :)

okayyyy .picture. (final profucts: only half a container. lol. not many cookies la, but should be enough for the old folks :D ... I hope.)