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Something eternal
Monday, 14 November 2011 @ 9:57 pm
I have always wanted an eternal friendship, or love. or at least a long-lasting one.
I mean, humans change easily, and the changes brought tend to bring changes to their relationships with others.
I often feel lonely, I feel empty, I always think that I am not whole, like something's missing.

Is that little something that I dont have eternity?

I often hear people say, 'nothing lasts forever'
yeah I know, I cant disagree on that statement.
But I have always longed for an eternal love, an eternal friendship, feelings that won't die even if there's no medium to actually hold those feelings. HAH. sounds so..paradoxical. whatever.

I just have a longing for eternity.
If eternity doesnt exist, that means until now, until this moment, it doesnt.
But I want to believe that someone can make it happen eventually :)