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This Sucks
Monday, 14 November 2011 @ 7:46 pm
Many things happened today, but no, not gonna blog about it.

It's just that.. *sighs
I somehow feel sad, confused, and a little angry. Imagine having those 3 most annoying feelings at the same time. rawr. sucks.

Feeling sad and confused because of the same person.
Dont ask me why, Im confused myself -__-

But this anger I feel inside isnt intended for that person, this is more towards a group of people, who blame me for no reason.
One after another, how can I not be angry? I dont like to be blamed for something I did because of what they said. RAWR .
why dont you just blame yourselves la, you people annoy me like what.

okay, not gonna blog about their identities nor the events.
be as curious as you want, I aint telling .