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I guess this is the end..
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 @ 10:05 pm
I can't express all my love through the method of language
But if it's just a simple goodbye, even I can do it

Remember when you first inboxed me?
It all started everything, you know
I believed in love
Yes, note the -d.. it was like that in the past
Like a greeting, like a handshake
This feeling have to meet its end

I tried to read the magazine to clear my head
I tried to enjoy my breakfast
But there's no way I could read the letters smoothly
There's no way the food would go over my throat smoothly
and there's no way the promises I had with you will be kept
I did try to smile, tried to pretend, but nothing went well

I already know that we have changed
I hid it and hoped it wouldn't show
I hoped that time would solve it
But now, I think I'll just accept it
Yes, I'll let you go, even if I want you to stay
I hope the letter G wont make my heart sway

You can go ahead, Im fine
Even if you pass by me as if I'm invisible
as if you've never met me before
Its okay even if you look at me like that
Now at least hear me out
Thanks for everything, goodbye..