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Update for today :)
Friday, 18 November 2011 @ 9:43 pm
Today's the last day of school! last day to enjoy life as a yr 9 student :(
so not ready to be learning IG stuffs, not ready to cut down my free time, not ready to grow up.

anyways, back to today.
There was the year end assembly, and heck, it was great :) I was in charge of yr8 students, getting chairs and patrolling.

Halfway taking the chairs, I happened to see InJae and he told me that there were enough chairs already, so he asked me to return the chairs I was holding. Then Nicholas offered to help me and as a stubborn girl I am, I insisted on bringing them back by myself. HAH. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE GIRLS :P and thanks to that, now my bicep muscles are aching :( oh wells, haven't exercised them for weeks, how I miss having PE classes :O

Patrolling was okay, I guess. no problems at all but I was sweating like what. duh. I hate the sticky feeling you get when you sweat. lol, so random.
anyways whai are the yr 8 boys so stubborn? =3=
The 8A boys insisted that they belong in 8B -.- heck, I know they're from 8A laaaaaaah. whatever, since it was last day of school, I let them be lor, as long as they behave. But still, it was weird seeing 8A having only 2 lines of girls while 8B had like a large group of boys .___.

Skip skip skip...

The assembly started! and the emcees were Nat and Etienne. awwwwww ♥ do you know that you guys look cute together? ;) you both looked matured and professionals ♥ oh mai, I think I'm left behind. lol nidda catch up :p

okay, skip agaaainnnn..

the orangutan adoption thing! THE ORANGUTAN DOLL JOEL HELD WAS SO CUTE!!! I want :O

let's skip some more....

Time for performances! the first 2 performances were performed by little kids. HOW DARLING!
they were all so cuuuuutteeeeeeee (NO IM NOT A PEDOPHILE!!), followed by the sexy dance performed by the dance club. looveeed the swinging legs thing. ;) (AND NOOO IM NOT LESBIAN!!)
OH. lets just skip to the dramatic arts performance!!
it was greattttt, no lah. AWESOME ! Shi Qi, I wonder if you actually have limitless talents ;) like seriously man!! WOW :D I loved it, loved it loved ittttt .

okayyy then, report card.

my average actually improved by 0.17! HAHHAH. and this is the first time I get As for all the subjects! YAY. I used to get B in music,history and/or PE. now no morrreeee :DDDDD
though I didnt reach my target on getting an average of 90(or above), Im still contented with my results this year :) Thanks to everyone ♥

skip again..
skip skip.....

tomorrow I'll be leaving Kuching already, oh mai, so fast right? I know .
I miss my parents! my oh-so-tall little bro!(heck, he's even taller than me! and he's like 4 years younger D:) my grandparents! cousins! nephews! nieces! and all my Indonesian friends :') I have missed you all a loooootttttttt! we really should spend some quality time when Im around, kayyy? :D

and readers,
I'll try to keep writing during the holidays :) so keep reading! love you lots ♥♥♥


aww shoot. havent finished packing! bye all :) happy holidays to all ♥