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Err, just an update on how the day went.
Thursday, 5 January 2012 @ 9:03 pm
Okay, since people have been talking about the flood in blog, I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. I meant, it's a sad thing. why keep talking about it? it just reminds me of the unfortunate lives taken away.

I was late for 30 minutes.
I have never been late more than 5 minutes before! (excluding late for lessons after break/lunch since I had to do duties during the break, I need time for toilet before class eh.)
1. The usual aunty who picked my bro and I up informed us that she couldnt send us to school. and she said that at around 7.25? (note that my class starts at 7.30)
Me and bro were like..how leh?how? if only its sunny, we would have ran to school like some crazy student-wannabe adults.
fortunately my neighbour was sending her daughter to school, and she studies in lodge inter too~
so we followed her :3
2, BUT. due to the flood, it took us almost 30 minutes to reach school. (usually it only takes around 7 minutes!)

my point: I was late.
but. not that bad lah, Darren was like late for 50 minutes? I thought I was like super late already. hahhah.

and add maths.
First add maths lesson was fun. (for me) It is so much fun trying to solve the questions you know.
But if you still cant get the correct answer, it will immediately become annoying.  HAHHAH.
Mdm.Sim gave us a 9-question homework and I've finished it :3
Internet was kind of slow just now, so i decided to experiment with the questions :p dont get me wrong. I'm not so kiasu. well, a little. but. not really. some people are worse. much worse. trust me.

anyways, hope you all have fun in learning aye? think of the questions as a challenge or sth?
you know the feeling when you solve one difficult question?
dont you love it? dont you loveeeee it?