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Sichuan Trip (part2)
Saturday, 7 January 2012 @ 8:49 pm
The continuation~~
sorry for not posting for a while. I was..lazy . lazy to wait while uploading the pics..hehe :P

Day 3-4 (25-26 December 2011)

Look at how short Charlie's hair is now!!!

ps: those pictures were taken on 24th night, forgot to include them in the previous post.. so here XD

Back to the 25th..
On that day, we flew to Jiu Zhai Huang Long.
even from the plane I could already see the beauty of the snow-covered mountains!
When we reached there, IT WAS COLD. but hot.
I meant, sunny,but freezing cold.
after walking for like 15 minutes, I couldnt feel my feet already T__T

Anyways, we entered the JiuZhai Valley National Park or sth like that, (on the 26th~)
there, we went around looking at the lakes and waterfalls.
1st lake, called bhalbhalbhal bamboo lake? i think...
2nd, frozen one. too cold. so..no pic on this one :P
3rd lake is the most beautiful one. 5 coloured lake :)
4th, mirror lake
5th, mother lake (it was the longest lake in the national park)
6th, the smallest lake :D
then visited the tiger lake and some waterfall~


SUNNY!!! and I forgot that I actually had my sunglassies in my bag. ugh -.-


Then at night we watched a Tibetan Opera show~ snapped few pics by phone..so the quality isnt so good :(

Okay so that's all for tonight~