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Rhiana and Natalie's Birthday :)
Monday, 12 March 2012 @ 2:26 pm
Some of you might have probably heard of this,
but anyways,
Rhiana's and Nat's birthdays were of 3 days difference only, so they decided to celebrate it together.
the celebration was held on the 10th in Sarawak Club.
It was awesome I tell ya! I think I spent more time laughing than eating! Sooo many things to gossip on! From the annoying intolerable stuffs to the amusing silly stuffs!

anyways, pics! (ps: all taken from Morgane's album on facebook. She's such a pro!)

I loveee this pic! I LOVE YA MORG!

The gorgeous cake! I loveeeeeeee! the white part tastes like oreo, seriously!
 Amy, Karen, Morgane, Sabrina and I got a polaroid for Nat :D

with Karen and Nat :)

There goes the other birthday girl ;) RHIANA.


Nat and Rhiana. They were discussing in how to blow the candles out. pfft :D
Nat and Sara! I love Sara's specs!!!!

Ending this post with the picture of Morgane and I. :)