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Finally got timeeeeee .
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 @ 2:46 pm
I finally have time to go online! phewwww.
tomorrow's exam papers are english and maths only. yay.
no need for study :D :D
(I left my maths book in my locker, and I have no idea in HOW to study maths. like seriously, how? as for english.. same reason.)

Exam 1st day:
Econs and Physics.
Physics was kinda fine...I guess. not sure. I did answer all the questions, but not sure lah. Weak in physics, lol.
Econs was... I dont know. arrrrghhh. I answered all, I used 3 sheets (6 pages) but but but...Im very sure I wont get high marks. sometimes the statement they want is just not inside my explanation, its so depressing!

2nd day:
Bio and BM
Bio was also...kinda fine. I hope. I could do everything but again, I feel insecure.
BM was confusing. esp MCQs. and writing. I tend to use Indonesian words instead of malay =__=

3rd day(just now):
Chem and English(listening)
Chem was okay, and I've lost 2 marks already.. the question wanted a test for chlorine ION and I answered with the test for chlorine GAS which is completely different. 
Listening paper ... ngaww. I sat in front, on the 2nd row, thinking that it'd be easier to listen to the tape
BIG MISTAKE. I could barely hear what they say. the 'nggggggggg' vibration thingy. idk how to put it into words. urgh. so yeah. my answers were so nonsensical. 

econs notes!

practicing and extra notes for chem (this is the first time I put so much effort on school examination!)

Chemistry preparation!

aaanddddd..... tadahhh! normal sugar level!!!(still quite high though) B-) HAPPYYY
I was so scared when my glucose level went beyond the limit 2 years ago.
but now. lalalallalallalalalalallalalalalalalal :D