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Sunday, 3 June 2012 @ 11:09 pm

Here I am, spending the holidays in Indonesia.

So it's been a week and this is apparently my first blogpost ever since the hols started.

well, sorry for the wait, I only use my phone here. My laptop's sitting so comfortably on the dining table in Kuching. pfft. Phone doesnt help much in blogging too.

Whenever I logged into my account and wanted to post an entry, something had to go wrong.

Either it suddenly gets very laggy, or the post isnt saved, whatever. Im sick of those. psh.

But not nowwwww .

*spreads love HAHAHAH

I've just downloaded this app called Blogaway, it works pretty fine to me, just that I havent tried uploading any pictures through it.

oh well, its at least good enough to allow me to post my usual boring blogpost .hahhah!


I have a lot in my mind, like really A LOT, so blog next time kay?

and.. by the way, Hunger Games is awesomeeee. have just finished the first book. IN LESS THAN A DAY. :D If any of you is kind enough to let me know where to buy the second book from, then please do so!!

Im dying to know the continuation.AAGHH.