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Playing with clothes
Thursday, 10 May 2012 @ 9:35 pm
''Life of the Party'' Forever 21 sweater, with collared dresses.

It's so fun looking through your closet and mix your shirts together to create a new look!
This is one of the things I always do when I cant fall asleep.
The other things I usually do are; bore myself with books, play random games on phone, tidy my room up (this is so rare!)
I fell in love the moment I see the combination above, especially when the shirt is combined with the blue dress. Its so nice! contrast, young and sweet!
I think you'll soon see me going out in that outfit ;)

speaking about outfit,
I bought this flower band from singapore, its one of my favourite! although it will be really awkward to actually put it on and go around kuching.

but look! It's pretty sweet, isnt it?

anyway, my mum's coming tomorrow night! 
If I dont blog, dont blame me, blame her instead! ;)